SNMMI 2017 Annual Meeting

The Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) is now accepting abstracts for the SNMMI 2017 Annual Meeting, June 10-14, 2017 in Denver, CO.


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XIV Turku PET Symposium

The XIV Turku PET Symposium will be held on 27 – 30 May 2017 in Turku, Finland

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Consensus nomenclature rules for radiopharmaceutical chemistry


In 2015, a Working Group (WG) on Nomenclature in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and related areas was created to clarify terms and to generate consensus on the use of a standardized nomenclature in our field. This WG consists of members from several countries (Canada, Sweden, Germany, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, Austria, etc.) as well as active members of relevant scientific societies (European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Society of Radiopharmacology, etc.).
After conducting a global survey using a questionnaire, the WG has prepared a document (30-11-16-consensus-nomenclature-rules) and has opened a consultation period thereon to provide comments, as some problems and terms have not yet been resolved. Suggestions for topics not covered in this document are also welcome. Any comments on this document may be sent to Heinz H. Coenen ( and Antony Gee ( before 31 January 2017. After this deadline, opinions expressed during the consultation period will be discussed and the resulting consensus will be incorporated into a pre-final document, which will be republished on the SRS website. The outstanding issues will be discussed at the 22nd meeting of the ISRS in Dresden (14-19 May 2017). Subsequently, the resulting consensus naming guidelines will be published in an appropriate journal as a reference source and as a basis for discussion with journal editors, IUPACs and key stakeholders beyond the immediate peer group of the WG.

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New version of Radiolab

A new version of Radiolab -application for comprehensive management of hospital radiopharmacies- is now available at Radiolab 3.1 includes among others the following new features:

  • Incorporation of Ga-68 generators.
  • Printing labels of various sizes in the Dispensing module.
  • Incorporation of buttons to allow, after entering user password, editing and deleting records in all modules with data entry (for compliance with the Data Protection Law).
  • Issuance of a report of non-withdrawn Tc-99m generators.
  • Improved data entry mode on the cold kits labelling module.

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22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences

It is open the deadline for sending communications to the International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (ISRS), which will take place from 14 to 19 May 2017 in Dresden (Germany). Link

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IBA Molecular Acquisition

AbsorMallinckrodt Enters Agreement To Sell Its Nuclear Imaging Business To IBA Molecular For Approximately $690 Million.

PR Newswire

Mallinckrodt NEWSROO

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Good Practice for Introducing Radiopharmaceuticals for Clinical Use

This publication intends to provide practical support for the introduction of new radiotracers, including recommendations on the necessary steps needed to facilitate and expedite the introduction of radiopharmaceuticals in clinical use, while ensuring that a safe and high quality product is administered to the patient at all times.

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