New version of Radiolab

A new version of Radiolab -application for comprehensive management of hospital radiopharmacies- is now available at Radiolab 4.0 includes among others the following new features:

  • Addition of small, medium and large labels for radioactive products and cold kits.
  • Addition of Ga-68 generator in the Generators module.
  • Each user can change their own password in the Maintenance module without relying on the Administrator. This new functionality is only active in the registered versions of Radiolab.
  • The activity of the radionuclides in the Waste module is now shown in mCi and Bq. Only those radionuclides having at least a residual activity of 0.01 Bq are shown.
  • The user who made the last backup of the Radiolab database is registered, and also when and where they made the backup is registered.
  • Effective doses are automatically calculated at two different times. Firstly, they are automatically calculated when you import the prescriptions in the Prescriptions section of the Dispensing module. And secondly, each effective dose is automatically recalculated when the administered radiopharmaceutical, its activity or the patient’s age is modified in the Dispensing module.
  • The Dosimetry section has been included in the Traceability module, which allows the reporting of the effective doses of all radiopharmaceuticals administered to every patient, as well as the cumulative total effective dose of all of them.

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