Consensus nomenclature rules for radiopharmaceutical chemistry


In 2015, a Working Group (WG) on Nomenclature in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and related areas was created to clarify terms and to generate consensus on the use of a standardized nomenclature in our field. This WG consists of members from several countries (Canada, Sweden, Germany, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, Austria, etc.) as well as active members of relevant scientific societies (European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Society of Radiopharmacology, etc.).
After conducting a global survey using a questionnaire, the WG has prepared a document (30-11-16-consensus-nomenclature-rules) and has opened a consultation period thereon to provide comments, as some problems and terms have not yet been resolved. Suggestions for topics not covered in this document are also welcome. Any comments on this document may be sent to Heinz H. Coenen ( and Antony Gee ( before 31 January 2017. After this deadline, opinions expressed during the consultation period will be discussed and the resulting consensus will be incorporated into a pre-final document, which will be republished on the SRS website. The outstanding issues will be discussed at the 22nd meeting of the ISRS in Dresden (14-19 May 2017). Subsequently, the resulting consensus naming guidelines will be published in an appropriate journal as a reference source and as a basis for discussion with journal editors, IUPACs and key stakeholders beyond the immediate peer group of the WG.

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